The Year of the Dolphins

As the first storm of the season passed the tip of Baja we made our way back to La Paz. With temperatures reaching 101F and only the slightest breeze to keep us comfortable we are spending our days preparing Pablo for the hurricane season. Working in the morning hours before the thermometer gage reads ‘sweltering’ and taking our siestas in the afternoon while hiding from the sun, A.K.A death ray. This is a task we never enjoy but a price gladly paid for the 3+ months of cruising in the Golfo de California. While this season has been strange and unusual due to the Corona virus situation it has served up some lovely memories just the same. We have named this season the “Year of the Dolphins” as we have had so many dolphin sightings this year. From the many pods who came by to visit while we sailed to the daily passes they made through our anchorages we have seen more this year than ever before. Although “Año de la Tortuga” was a close second because this year we had our most exciting turtle experience ever. Continue reading
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The Fortunate Ones


My last blog post painted a picture of mild distress. And honestly for a few weeks we were quite anxious. Options were being cut off as ports and towns began closing all around us. We had begun to question the sanity of our decision to leave the safety of Marina de La Paz and venture out into the Sea of Cortez. Did we really believe that we should have some charmed life that left us untouched by the world crisis. Well, perhaps we have done something good and right in our lives for which we should now be rewarded …. Or maybe at sometime down the road we will have to pay greatly for the gifts we are now receiving because life on the sea has settled into a pleasant rhythm of beach walks, exploration, sailing, kayaking, and wildlife. Continue reading

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Sailing through the Sea of Covid


Internet Lounge in Agua Verde

We spent our usual winter season in La Paz at the marina. Steve and I each taking our short trips to the USA to either visit family and friends and in Steve’s case teaching his classes. It was busy but fun and rewarding. In recent months the coronavirus has become front and center and like everyone else in the world we are dealing with the pandemic. Although we are not troubled about toilet paper shortages, working from home, how we will pay our bills, or finding ways to entertain ourselves. Ours is a different set of challenges. The kind that only a nomadic life can offer. We are concerned about our health and welfare as we live and travel in a foreign country that does not have the medical or financial resources to cope with this situation. After much analysis, weighing of options, and games of “what if “ we decided our best plan is to remain in remote anchorages here in the Sea of Cortez while this whole thing plays out. So under a cloud of rumors that swirled through the airwaves of the local radio nets, the social media forums of the cruising community, and dockside chats with fellow cruisers we left La Paz on March 31, 2020. We have now spent the last three weeks sailing through an ever changing series of shutdowns, restrictions, and sometimes confusion. The following is a chronicle of events from a log I kept while things were happening.
Continue reading

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Returning to La Paz


We are returning, returning to La Paz. Steve with his bushy hair two months overdue for a cut. I with my hair bleached by the sun, all frizzy on the ends the consistency of cotton candy. Our lean tan bodies so healthy from sailing, kayaking, snorkeling and hiking. The taste of salt on our skin, the mellow grins of satisfaction on our faces. The peaceful temperance of our nature when we spend time at anchor letting the rhythm of the sea dictate our lives. We are returning to the dock and letting go of the freedom that comes with living a life untethered. Oh but I can imagine the feel of standing in a stream of hot water in a shower being piped in from some unknown location, so different from the camping showers taken in our cockpit while we carefully manage our daily water usage. And the thought of wifi, free flowing wifi where we can communicate and get information whenever we wish so unlike the touch and go and sporadic weather reports and miscommunications of our inReach satellite device. Grocery stores, real grocery stores, with wide varieties and plenty of options, so different from the tiendas in the small villages where you take what you can find. And how I relish the thought of having my laundry done in a washing machine rather than by hand in a bucket. Please don’t misunderstand me. While this may sound like drudgery, our life on the boat, I assure you it is not. It is hard work to be sure and most every task takes three times as long to complete but the rewards are so fulfilling. Yes we are returning to La Paz after three fabulous months of adventure, wildlife, friends, and exploration while sailing to many of our favorite locations in the Sea of Cortez. Continue reading

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Dreaming of a quiet place

Sometimes for us standing still means not moving quite as fast. We have been back in La Paz BCS Mexico since early November and since that time we have collectively made eight trips back to the States and had one family visit here in Mexico. All the while we have been getting Pablo ready for another season of cruising in the Golfo de California. Continue reading

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The Steve and Sherri Road Show

or… If it’s Tuesday it must be Sacramento

In 15 ½ weeks we slept in 22 different cities, some of them more than once. We have traveled 3547 miles in the motor home, 18,154 miles by air, 222 miles by train and walked for 6 ½ miles through the streets of London (although we argue that it must have been at least 15). We have shared in the celebration of 3 birthday parties, had multiple dinners, conversations and walks sharing in the joys and successes of our friends and family. We even managed to have a Mexican Fiesta in Germany. Whew! What a great summer. Continue reading

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And away we go…… Again


The temperatures are rising to an uncomfortable level and the time has come for us to bid farewell to Mexico and spend the next few months traveling in our motorhome. Since arriving in La Paz last November we have taken classes and made new friends, reconnected with old friends and rejoined some of our favorite local activities, we have journeyed through the Gulfo de California on our sailboat, and had a wonderful visit from Steve’s brother Barry. We have been swimming with whale sharks and sea lions, hiking to see rock art, and birdwatching all thanks to our friends at Barbarita Tours. It has been an amazing 8 months. Continue reading

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Where the wind blows

IMG_2938Nothing broke! Let me say it again, Nothing broke. We sailed, we explored new places, we almost had a hurricane, we climbed a mountain, we hunted for Apache tears and chased Booby birds all without any drama at all. Well, we have a few bug bites, actually quite a few bug bites, but that is it. I have to report that Pablo and crew are doing just fine. Continue reading

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Isla Coronados <3


Isla Coronados!! Oh my goodness. What an incredibly beautiful, diverse, vibrant, place. For several years when we would mention Loreto BCS Mexico to people they would ask if we had been to Coronados. We have been told time and time again that we simply must go. So one of our goals for this cruising season was to see what all the hubbub was about. We spent ten glorious days anchored at the Island. First on the south side to gain protection from northerly wind and swell and then on the west side which is the favored and a much more picturesque location. Continue reading

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The journey continues (Return to the Sea part 2)

TripuiAs I write this we are sitting in one of our favorite go-to spots in the Loreto area, the Tripui Hotel and restaurant. Today we will spend the day relaxing by the pool and enjoying the wonderful amenities of this tranquil place. It is just down the road from the Puerto Escondido Marina where we are tied to a mooring ball for the next several days while we load up on food, water, and fuel as well as take care of some business that requires connectivity.

I have been piecing together the details of the last part of our trip here from La Paz. The first part of the journey having already been shared. However, while going through photos and videos I came across a few that did not make it in my last post. So, I will begin by rewinding a bit. Continue reading

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Return to the sea

Greetings from the sailing vessel Pablo! We are currently located in the Gulfo de California, aka Sea of Cortez. Aptly named the aquarium of the world by Jacques Cousteau back in the 70’s. Steve and I have just spent 24 days traveling roughly 126nm from La Paz B.C.S. Mexico to Loreto B.C.S. Mexico, stopping in various anchorages along the way. Oh, the adventures we have had , the wonders we have seen, the fun we have experienced. I will recount the first 15 days here and will sum up the balance of our trip in the next post. There is so much to share. Continue reading

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The time has come


The provisioning has begun. We have started watching the weather forecasts. The time is getting closer and soon we will be off. As I write this Pablo is getting her varnish work finished. Steve and I have a small puddle of minor tasks to complete and we expect to be on our way by the end of next week. The Plan? Ugh, the very uttering of that word makes me shudder. No Plan! We will simply spend 3 months traveling slowly and exploring the islands between La Paz and Loreto. Dropping the anchor where it looks good and staying as long as it feels right. Aaahhhh…… bliss! Continue reading

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Happy, Busy Us!

Holy Moly! Where does the time go?


I can’t believe it has been three months since our last blog post. So much has happened I do not even know how to reasonably fill in all the details. We have been busy with boat projects, some for the purpose of upgrading, some for repair and others just long overdue maintenance. In between the work we have attended parades, shared meals and laughter with friends, attended español language classes, learned some celestial navigation, and participated in a few local adventures. Continue reading

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Viva Mexico!

IMG_0542Viva Mexico! We could hear it in the streets! Ahhhh the sound of people celebrating, children in costumes, high school bands lined up to join the parade, Caballeros mounted on well trained horses and dressed in authentic old time sombreros, boots, and the senoritas in beautiful dresses.We have arrived back in La Paz, BCS Mexico and it is the national Dia de Revolución celebration. The journey here was long but at last we have returned. Continue reading

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Bump in the Road

My last blog post ended with these words – “Therefore, we don’t think we will actually arrive in Marina de La Paz until late September or early October. But who knows, plans have a way of getting off track.”

Off track indeed…. Our first stop on the trek back to La Paz was Santa Cruz, CA. We arrived on a Monday for what we thought was going to be a two week stopover to visit with friends and family. We were to gather the roughly 500 lbs worth of boat parts have been collecting from our storage unit and be on our way. Well, that was the plan anyway. Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished!


We have spent the last few months in the Central Valley area of California, stretching from Modesto up to a small town called Nicolaus just north of Sacramento. Here we found a quaint little RV park with a small manmade lake. Our purpose for being in this area was to be the support team for our daughter, Bella, as she relocated to the Sacramento area. I am thrilled to report that she is now settled, happy and thriving. Therefore our mission here is complete and its time to turn this wagon train south. Continue reading

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On to a new adventure!


I have tried several times to write a new posting. The truth is that I just don’t have my voice, my words. It has been difficult to admit, even to myself, that we will not be traveling on Pablo this summer. That in fact we will most likely not see La Paz or the boat again until October. That a full year will have passed from the time we left her last September, thinking we would be back in a month’s time. And I fully realize that a year is not a long time, but a year of uncertainty, displacement and instability has taken it’s toll on our spirits. Now, that is not to say that we have been wholly unhappy. It is also important that I make clear that although we are not living our dream of a Life at Sea, we are doing exactly what we believe is the right thing to do at this time. Continue reading

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Travel Interrupted! 

This blog post is less about traveling and more about our journey through this messy life! 

img_2229Yep, we are still in Santa Cruz, California, USA!

As the saying goes “Plans are written in the sand at low tide” and boy are we feeling the truth of that. My last blog post was at the end of October and at that time we only expected to be in the States living on Pancho (our RV) for another few months. Well, here it is three months later and we are still living on Pancho in California, USA and we won’t be leaving anytime soon. Our new, new current idea, thought, projection, outline, alright… PLAN… has us departing sometime in April, at which time we will drive the RV down to La Paz B.C.S., Mexico. We will put the RV into storage and board s/v Pablo for a few months of cruising in the Sea of Cortez. Please don’t ask what is beyond that as I am afraid to whisper our desires for fear that God will be listening and in need of a good laugh. Continue reading

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Road Trippn’


Giant Sequoia in Calaveras State Park

img_6285Pancho needed a little work and since we live in the RV and would have to get a hotel room while the work was being performed why not go on a road trip?!?! So off to the Gold country we went. We stayed in a 150 year old hotel in Jamestown, Visited the town of Columbia which is an Historical state park (really more of a living museum), and spent a day with Giant Sequoia trees in Calaveras State park. Three days of fun and exploration! Once we returned and moved back on board our land yacht it was time to cobble together a little adventure. And a trip south seemed like just the ticket. Continue reading

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Well that happened…..



The answer to the question of “what we would do in the summer months?” was always kind of a vague optimistic response. From the very beginning of this adventure we knew that coping with the intense Mexican heat from mid July – mid October was something we would have to face. That and how we would manage the tropical storms and hurricanes that continually threaten the region from June – October. Steve and I pondered many options. Traveling and exploring inland Mexico, renting a furnished apartment either in the states or Mexico, traveling to other places by various means? At the end of the day our first choice was to stay on Pablo in the Sea of Cortez, as many folks do. Continue reading

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