And away we go…… Again


The temperatures are rising to an uncomfortable level and the time has come for us to bid farewell to Mexico and spend the next few months traveling in our motorhome. Since arriving in La Paz last November we have taken classes and made new friends, reconnected with old friends and rejoined some of our favorite local activities, we have journeyed through the Gulfo de California on our sailboat, and had a wonderful visit from Steve’s brother Barry. We have been swimming with whale sharks and sea lions, hiking to see rock art, and birdwatching all thanks to our friends at Barbarita Tours. It has been an amazing 8 months.




After spending 2 ½ months exploring the islands in the Gulfo de California it was time to return to La Paz. Our water and fuel tanks full and food bins resupplied, we left Puerto Escondido and took a slow journey south back to La Paz, skipping through the weather windows so as not to bash too much into southerly winds and swell. As always, we took our time and had a few adventures along the way. You know the saying “ It’s about the journey, not the destination”. A quote we live by. We stopped at all the familiar places on the return trip. Had fun playing bocci ball on the beach with fellow cruisers in Agua Verde, spent time with new and old friends in San Evaristo, and even did a bit of snorkeling.


Once we got back to La Paz we got busy. Working daily from early morning until 2pm, when the heat was more than we could tolerate. At which time we would retreat to the indoors and air conditioning while we did online tasks to prepare us for the next three months. The RV had to be recommissioned so that we could move back aboard and Pablo had to be stripped and prepared for hurricane season. Of course we did manage to find time to have meals with friends, get haircuts and even spend a few nights playing darts. We are leaving the boat in Marina de La Paz in the hands of a couple of great guys who will be painting her topsides while we are away, traveling in our land yacht.


Hair cut at Deb’s salon

Over the next two and a half months the Steve and Sherri roadshow will be in 18 different cities. We plan to drive up the Baja peninsula stopping along the way to visit cave paintings, beaches, and national parks. From there we will wind our way up through California as far as Sacramento visiting family and friends as we go. In the midst of all the visiting and stops in California we will take a few trips by airplane to visit family in Florida and Pittsburgh, friends in Germany and a quick stop in London for absolutely no reason other than we want to. Whew! We just don’t let much grass grow under our feet.


I’m almost afraid to say it, but things are actually coming together as planned. While we look forward to returning to Mexico, as we are quite fond of being here, we really are ready to see family and our old friends. Its seems like its been such a long time.

As always……. We are grateful!


And here is a video from one of the anchorages we explored this spring just in case you wonder what we do all day in the middle of nowhere. We are never bored!



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4 Responses to And away we go…… Again

  1. Jeff Brenner says:

    Hello from Poland. Leah tells me you will be in LA before I return.
    Any chance you could stop by on your return?

  2. Nicholaus Jackson says:

    See you soon!

  3. Excellent commentary, beautiful pictures and videos. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing you.

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