This is the story of Boy meets girl, Boy falls in love with girl, Boy looses girl and 17 years later finds her again.

20+ years ago when Steve and Sherri first met they were at completely opposite stages in life. Sherri, in her mid to late twenties was ready to have a second child and wanted the house, the dog, and the white picket fence. Steve on the other hand was in his mid to late forties and his youngest child had just graduated highSchool. He was ready to relax the responsibilities, travel and do the things that you only get to do when you don’t have a family to provide for. Despite these difference they were in love and gave it a try for a few years, but the void between them was just too wide. So they went their separate ways. Sherri married and later divorced someone else, she had another child and lived in the house with the dog and the yard and all that comes with it. Steve started a consulting business, lived in Germany for a year, traveled abroad and along the way took up sailing.

Fast forward to now, 17 years after being apart Captain Steve Brenner and First Mate Sherri Brenner reconnected fell back in love, and finally married each other and this is how the whole sailing adventure began.

Shortly after getting back together we would sit on Steve’s Ericson 25 and read stories in Latitude 38 of people sailing away to far off places. We would look at each other and say “That sounds lovely”and “Wouldn’t that be nice”. As we continued to read and follow along on the journey of others, our conversations soon became more like “We could do that” and “Those people don’t look like super heroes”. It was not long before we decided that “Yes, we would do that”. And so the dreams began.

We started investigating different boats to determine what would best fit our needs and abilities to our budget. We purchased a wall map and hung it on the wall of our bedroom and started putting pins on the locations we wanted to go. We read blogs, watched you tube videos, and researched until we finally decided that the Westsail was the right boat for us. She was sea worthy and strong; roomy and comfortable; and within our price range. So the search began.

We got married in June 2013 and while on our honeymoon found an ad for a Westsail 32 that fit most of our list of requirements. Of coarse, we had not really thought we would be purchasing a boat so soon, but she was so perfect that we had to at least take a look. Needless to say, we purchased her and shortly thereafter the hard work began.

Now we spend our weekends working on the boat, taking classes and attending seminars. Reading and researching constantly. And usually grinning with the satisfaction that soon we will cast off the dock lines and follow the wind. Our departure date is set. Our calendar is filling up with deadlines. Our bank account is getting smaller. Our dream is getting closer. And so this part of the journey has begun!

Update September 2015:   Let the Grand Adventure begin!

Update April 2016: Just around the next sunrise

Update August 2016: Journey back to La Paz

Update September 2016: Well that happened!

Update July 9 2017: Mission Accomplished!

Update November 24 2017: Viva Mexico!

Update April 21 2018: The time has come

4 Responses to US

  1. Alan says:

    Where is the person that I shared a room with the first 16 years of my life, who had his nose in books about going into space. Who is this courageous explorer who is taking on the deep. To quote Gene Hackman in the Poisiden Adventure ” You’re going the wrong way, damit”.

  2. Your Brother says:

    More people have walked on the surface of the moon then have explored the deepest parts of the ocean. Space is a new frontier, and so is the ocean. And our spaceship is simpler/

  3. SuZQ says:

    Your writing on this blog is awesome Sherri. I look forward to reading of the unfolding adventures.

  4. Cami says:

    I’m so proud of you guys!! Living the dream. There is nothing better. As I sail my baby locally, I’ll await to hear of your stories from afar!! Stay safe my friends!

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