The time has come


The provisioning has begun. We have started watching the weather forecasts. The time is getting closer and soon we will be off. As I write this Pablo is getting her varnish work finished. Steve and I have a small puddle of minor tasks to complete and we expect to be on our way by the end of next week. The Plan? Ugh, the very uttering of that word makes me shudder. No Plan! We will simply spend 3 months traveling slowly and exploring the islands between La Paz and Loreto. Dropping the anchor where it looks good and staying as long as it feels right. Aaahhhh…… bliss!

IMG_4429We had a very successful shake down cruise two weeks ago. I am happy to report that Pablo remembers how to sail and so does the crew. The new roller furled Jib is a dream come true and all the little upgrades have just made life onboard that much sweeter. New anchor rode clearly marked, new USB power outlets, upgraded sun covers, improved storage areas, new grill, and on and on… The following week we took a guest on a three day adventure.

Barry, Steve’s brother, came to visit us in Mexico for 10 days. We had such a blast showing him some of our favorite things about La Paz. We went to museums and on a bird watching tour. We ate and ate and ate in some of favorite restaurants. We strolled on the Malecon, wandered the streets, and visited various parks and mercados. In the midst of it all we had the pleasure of taking Barry to one of our favorite anchorages.

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Caleta Partida is a popular anchorage nestled between Isla Espiritu Santos and Isla Partida. This visit provided us with oodles of sea turtles, nesting great blue herons, horned grebes, Iguanas, evenings watching little fish with flashlights, a perfect view of the space station and a million stars. We took beach walks and dinghy rides. We shared a dinner with friends from another boat and we even had the honor of helping out some sailors in need.

On our last day in the anchorage a boat was towed in with engine problems. There was the captain and a crew of 2 adults and three children on board. The latter being guests from San Diego who needed to get back to La Paz to catch a plane. So when we left the following morning we carried 5 extra souls onboard. They were wonderful people who had been on a fabulous adventure and now we were a part of their story. It was great!

As we waved goodbye to Barry our sights turned back out to the Sea of Cortez. We have waited so long to return to our cruising life and we are so excited to be back out there. So as Dr Seuss once said “The time has come, The time is now, Just go. Go. GO! I don’t care how……… “

The time had come so… Pablo went.

We will give another shout out before we go and remind folks how to get in touch with us once we leave cell phone range.

Feeling Grateful!!!

A few more Birds…..

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9 Responses to The time has come

  1. Susan Hall says:

    I’m so excited for you! We took our first sail in almost a year when we went to San Diego a couple of weeks ago. It was sooooo good to be back on board, seasick and all! Mia is almost 3years now and it’s time for preschool. Yes, this grandma has done her job, and I’ve loved it and wouldn’t trade it (even for all the sailing I missed out on). I really want to do some sailing out of the Channel Islands this spring and summer, and take family & friends for outings. Then our goal is to get to the Sea of Cortez. Happy sailing! Happy life!! Susan Hall

    • I love hearing your plans! We wanted to do more exploring and cruising around the Channel Islands when we were in the area. I was certain that Santa Cruz Island was the home of Peter Pan, Mermaids, and the lost boys. I truly hope to cruise with you guys again someday. Love and Hugs to you and Mark. Good Job Grandma!!

  2. Good luck on your upcoming adventure! Us landlubbers are thinking fondly of you two!

  3. Steve Goodman says:

    Awesome! So happy for you teo!

  4. says:

    I can actually say that when I got to La Paz time stopped for me. Only with struggle could I recall my life in Pittsburgh. It was truly other-worldly. A memory of a lifetime. Thank you both again for such a special time. ❤

  5. Drew Bielawski says:

    Love your commentary and pics. Two thumbs up!

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