Travel Interrupted! 

This blog post is less about traveling and more about our journey through this messy life! 

img_2229Yep, we are still in Santa Cruz, California, USA!

As the saying goes “Plans are written in the sand at low tide” and boy are we feeling the truth of that. My last blog post was at the end of October and at that time we only expected to be in the States living on Pancho (our RV) for another few months. Well, here it is three months later and we are still living on Pancho in California, USA and we won’t be leaving anytime soon. Our new, new current idea, thought, projection, outline, alright… PLAN… has us departing sometime in April, at which time we will drive the RV down to La Paz B.C.S., Mexico. We will put the RV into storage and board s/v Pablo for a few months of cruising in the Sea of Cortez. Please don’t ask what is beyond that as I am afraid to whisper our desires for fear that God will be listening and in need of a good laugh. Continue reading

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Road Trippn’


Giant Sequoia in Calaveras State Park

img_6285Pancho needed a little work and since we live in the RV and would have to get a hotel room while the work was being performed why not go on a road trip?!?! So off to the Gold country we went. We stayed in a 150 year old hotel in Jamestown, Visited the town of Columbia which is an Historical state park (really more of a living museum), and spent a day with Giant Sequoia trees in Calaveras State park. Three days of fun and exploration! Once we returned and moved back on board our land yacht it was time to cobble together a little adventure. And a trip south seemed like just the ticket. Continue reading

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Well that happened…..



The answer to the question of “what we would do in the summer months?” was always kind of a vague optimistic response. From the very beginning of this adventure we knew that coping with the intense Mexican heat from mid July – mid October was something we would have to face. That and how we would manage the tropical storms and hurricanes that continually threaten the region from June – October. Steve and I pondered many options. Traveling and exploring inland Mexico, renting a furnished apartment either in the states or Mexico, traveling to other places by various means? At the end of the day our first choice was to stay on Pablo in the Sea of Cortez, as many folks do. Continue reading

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Journey back to La Paz


Puerto Escondido

We took an eight day journey from Puerto Escondido to La Paz, A mere 98nm but we like to travel slowly and enjoy the people and places we visit. Our short little adventure brought us time shared with friends new and old, photo opportunities, and a longing for more. Continue reading

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Summer in the Sea of Cortez


If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Which is exactly why we are now doing most of our cooking on the BBQ grill. This girl is HOT, HOT, HOT! I have always been a heat seeker. Having been raised in southern Florida and coming from a whole family of warm weather loving folks. I have been known to often whine and carry on about never getting warm enough. Well now I am crying Uncle! Continue reading

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rays, cows, and coyotes oh my…


A hop skip and a jump from La Paz to Puerto Escondido!


Lupe Sierra & Maggi Mae’s

We sailed north from La Paz stopping in 2 of our favorite anchorages on our adventure towards new territory. Two nights in Calita Partida and three nights in the small fishing village of San Everisto where we got to spend time having great conversation and good food with our friend Lupe at Lupe Sierra and Maggie Mae’s Palapa Restaurant. Continue reading

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Sailing to Loreto… the long way


The day has arrived! The boat projects are complete (well mostly, they are never really done). Tomorrow we buy enough food and supplies to last us for three to four weeks. The next town large enough to have a grocery store is Loreto, just 125 nm from here with a lot of remote anchorages to be explored along the way. So we plan to take our time and stop often. We will set sail heading north Sunday 6/26/16. Continue reading

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