Happy, Busy Us!

Holy Moly! Where does the time go?


I can’t believe it has been three months since our last blog post. So much has happened I do not even know how to reasonably fill in all the details. We have been busy with boat projects, some for the purpose of upgrading, some for repair and others just long overdue maintenance. In between the work we have attended parades, shared meals and laughter with friends, attended español language classes, learned some celestial navigation, and participated in a few local adventures. Continue reading

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Viva Mexico!

IMG_0542Viva Mexico! We could hear it in the streets! Ahhhh the sound of people celebrating, children in costumes, high school bands lined up to join the parade, Caballeros mounted on well trained horses and dressed in authentic old time sombreros, boots, and the senoritas in beautiful dresses.We have arrived back in La Paz, BCS Mexico and it is the national Dia de Revolución celebration. The journey here was long but at last we have returned. Continue reading

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Bump in the Road

My last blog post ended with these words – “Therefore, we don’t think we will actually arrive in Marina de La Paz until late September or early October. But who knows, plans have a way of getting off track.”

Off track indeed…. Our first stop on the trek back to La Paz was Santa Cruz, CA. We arrived on a Monday for what we thought was going to be a two week stopover to visit with friends and family. We were to gather the roughly 500 lbs worth of boat parts have been collecting from our storage unit and be on our way. Well, that was the plan anyway. Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished!


We have spent the last few months in the Central Valley area of California, stretching from Modesto up to a small town called Nicolaus just north of Sacramento. Here we found a quaint little RV park with a small manmade lake. Our purpose for being in this area was to be the support team for our daughter, Bella, as she relocated to the Sacramento area. I am thrilled to report that she is now settled, happy and thriving. Therefore our mission here is complete and its time to turn this wagon train south. Continue reading

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On to a new adventure!


I have tried several times to write a new posting. The truth is that I just don’t have my voice, my words. It has been difficult to admit, even to myself, that we will not be traveling on Pablo this summer. That in fact we will most likely not see La Paz or the boat again until October. That a full year will have passed from the time we left her last September, thinking we would be back in a month’s time. And I fully realize that a year is not a long time, but a year of uncertainty, displacement and instability has taken it’s toll on our spirits. Now, that is not to say that we have been wholly unhappy. It is also important that I make clear that although we are not living our dream of a Life at Sea, we are doing exactly what we believe is the right thing to do at this time. Continue reading

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Travel Interrupted! 

This blog post is less about traveling and more about our journey through this messy life! 

img_2229Yep, we are still in Santa Cruz, California, USA!

As the saying goes “Plans are written in the sand at low tide” and boy are we feeling the truth of that. My last blog post was at the end of October and at that time we only expected to be in the States living on Pancho (our RV) for another few months. Well, here it is three months later and we are still living on Pancho in California, USA and we won’t be leaving anytime soon. Our new, new current idea, thought, projection, outline, alright… PLAN… has us departing sometime in April, at which time we will drive the RV down to La Paz B.C.S., Mexico. We will put the RV into storage and board s/v Pablo for a few months of cruising in the Sea of Cortez. Please don’t ask what is beyond that as I am afraid to whisper our desires for fear that God will be listening and in need of a good laugh. Continue reading

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Road Trippn’


Giant Sequoia in Calaveras State Park

img_6285Pancho needed a little work and since we live in the RV and would have to get a hotel room while the work was being performed why not go on a road trip?!?! So off to the Gold country we went. We stayed in a 150 year old hotel in Jamestown, Visited the town of Columbia which is an Historical state park (really more of a living museum), and spent a day with Giant Sequoia trees in Calaveras State park. Three days of fun and exploration! Once we returned and moved back on board our land yacht it was time to cobble together a little adventure. And a trip south seemed like just the ticket. Continue reading

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