145 nautical miles

IMG_1884I am on a 145nm passage from Chacala to Mazatlan. At an average speed of 4 knots it will take us roughly 36 hours to get there. That’s two full nights, one full day and then some. Why am I traveling on a boat, spending two days to get to a location that would only take a few hours by car? Why do I live without little luxuries like running water? Why do I live in a situation where taking a shower requires set up, organization and the heating of water by solar power or propane? Truly I must be insane!

It is my turn to stand watch and the winds are calm and gentle. The water is placid. Soon the sunlight fades into the horizon and the sky slowly fills with a multitude of stars. Reminding me that there is a bigger plan and I am just a tiny thread in the fabric. As Pablo slices through the smooth waters, my mind drifts through a lifetime of memories. Tonight my heart is heavy so I choose to spend time in the halls of sadness. I watch as the bio luminescence sends sparks upon the water and I cast forgiveness mixed with tears into their wake, feeling myself let go of resentment and pain. Loosing myself in the night sky, I cry to the universe seeking forgiveness of my own and I can feel myself healing from remorse and regret. I pour out and breath in. I find peace, I find balance. Soon my turn on watch ends and I am once again free. Again the sea has given me a place of reflection, some time to dig deeper into my soul. I have been cleansed.

When morning comes my heart is light. I spend the day with the man I love, living in this grand adventure. We laugh, we play, we read to each other, we sail our boat. We talk of the future and share dreams and stories, some of which we already know. We do simple tasks like washing dishes and I am at peace. I have a serenity that only comes from being still. A quiet contentment that I find when traveling so slowly. 145 nm in 36 hours.

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5 Responses to 145 nautical miles

  1. placenetblog says:

    Just beautiful writing, and a wonderful process to share.

  2. Mark Nelson says:

    Anyone who can write such prose is educated in Literature or has the gift of describing the present to those of like mind. Truly, I appreciate it. You are presently doing what I have only dreamed of. Perhaps you might consider a larger audience. I’ll be waiting for your book. Give hubby a hug.
    -copied- “Prose is a form of language that has no formal metrical structure. It applies a natural flow of speech, and ordinary grammatical structure rather than rhythmic structure, such as in the case of traditional poetry.”

    • Thank you Mark. I am glad that you enjoyed the post. Time spent alone in the cockpit while on passage is a truly amazing experience. Much the same as time spent alone in the forest, mountains, or lakes. Nature does cast a spell over the soul. We will watch for you on the horizon.

  3. Evelyn Drew says:

    What beautiful writing! You put words to feelings better than most and I’m glad that you are enjoying your cruising. We just arrived home from St. Lucia and are glad to be home after the hard work of putting the boat away for the season. Don’t fly through Miami if you can help it!!

    • Thank you Evelyn! Glad to hear you made it home safely. I will do my best to avoid Miami. Hopefully we will be able to connect during my visit to Santa Cruz in May. Dinner at the club?

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