Adios Bahia de Banderas

We arrived in Bahia de Banderas in early December, knowing that we needed to have a safe place to leave the boat while we traveled home for the Christmas holidays. Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta therefore became our home port in this area. The plan was to get Pablo settled, go to the states and then start moving further south when we returned. Like so many “plans” that just did not pan out as expected. And frankly, Im starting to enjoy the unexpected!

It is now late March and we have spent three and half wonderful months exploring this area from one end of the bay (Yelapa) to the other (La Cruz). Sure we spent two weeks traveling a bit further south and hope we will do more next season, but this bay is a wonderful place and we will miss it. The mountains, the lush vegetation, the people, the art, all of it!

The next 1-2 weeks will be spent moving slowly North, visiting various anchorages and places along the way. The “plan” is to spend the spring and summer in the Sea of Cortez. Plans are really becoming more like basic outlines, which seems to be the best way to maneuver in the beautiful lifestyle we have chosen.

So off we go…….

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8 Responses to Adios Bahia de Banderas

  1. Drew Bielawski says:

    Thanks for update…safe travels!

  2. SuZQ says:

    Life’s improvisation, like good Jazz, or acting I imagine, right? you have some idea of where you’d like to go with it, but the ride brings you places you didn’t expect, pretty cool to embrace that lifestyle.

    • Very reminiscent of improvisational acting. Most of the time it turns out great because I have such a great relationship with my partner. We feed off of each other and work very well together.

  3. placenetblog says:

    May the weather gods be with you. Good snorkling, and no more gear issues!

  4. Vincew says:

    I am so happy for you and Steve that the ‘plan’ is working, seems like what Moeily tells me , the ‘no plan plan’ better and better. Enjoy, be safe!

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