Sailing to Loreto… the long way


The day has arrived! The boat projects are complete (well mostly, they are never really done). Tomorrow we buy enough food and supplies to last us for three to four weeks. The next town large enough to have a grocery store is Loreto, just 125 nm from here with a lot of remote anchorages to be explored along the way. So we plan to take our time and stop often. We will set sail heading north Sunday 6/26/16.

Just as there won’t be resources for re-provisioning, there is not likely to be much in the way of cell phone coverage or WIFI connection. So we will again be firing up our DeLorme in-reach device. This means that anyone wishing to communicate with us can do so by going to the “Where’s Pablo” page listed on the menu bar of the blog site. That link will redirect you to our map tracker on the DeLorme site and you can send a message to us from there. Our reply to you will come through on either the email or phone number you provide in your message.

The DeLorme is a GPS tracking and simple texting device that works through satellite. There is no charge to you or us for communicating with it. So feel free to talk us up as much as you wish. However, I want to remind you that this is technology. Sometimes it breaks. If you can’t reach us don’t stress. It’s likely that the equipment has failed and we are just hanging out on some remote beach loving our lives!


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