On to a new adventure!


I have tried several times to write a new posting. The truth is that I just don’t have my voice, my words. It has been difficult to admit, even to myself, that we will not be traveling on Pablo this summer. That in fact we will most likely not see La Paz or the boat again until October. That a full year will have passed from the time we left her last September, thinking we would be back in a month’s time. And I fully realize that a year is not a long time, but a year of uncertainty, displacement and instability has taken it’s toll on our spirits. Now, that is not to say that we have been wholly unhappy. It is also important that I make clear that although we are not living our dream of a Life at Sea, we are doing exactly what we believe is the right thing to do at this time.

We have spent time visiting with family and friends and celebrating; life, holidays, and birthdays. There have been on beach walks, kayaking trips, BBQ’s, Movies, Museums, short getaways and the list goes on. In between the celebrations there were a few storms, but we survived the horrid winter with record rainfall, power outages, road closures and fallen trees. And happily, we can report that Steve recovered quite nicely from his foot surgery and is now completely pain free. So really we have nothing to complain about. Our lives are pretty fantastic!

At this moment I am sitting by the water’s edge at the Modesto Reservoir Regional Park watching goslings and their protective parents. We have stopped here for a few nights on our way to Sacramento, where we will assist Bella in relocating to a new town, new apartment, new job, and new life. At this moment this is where our adventure has brought us.

I have gathered a few photos from the previous months and I hope they can fill in where my muse has failed me.

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The above photos are from Santa Cruz beaches and sloughs

The above photos are from the Modesto Reservoir Regional Park

Sending Love, Hugs, and Blessings to all. We send extra love to all the friends in the Santa Cruz area that we did not visit while we were in town. There were many days when it was enough just to maintain our equilibrium and sanity. We know you understand.

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3 Responses to On to a new adventure!

  1. Camilla J Corvin says:

    Great pics! Was so great having you out! xooxoxox

  2. Edward Moravick says:

    Glad to hear from you but sorry you guys didn’t make it back to boat this year. I was asking at YC if anyone ( Terry and his artist wife) knew if you left Moss Landing an headed back to Mexico. They didn’t know and hadn’t heard or read blog. Things with Anne and I are about the same….she is still working and I keep busy maintaining our two homes, boat in SF, and a fleet of cars. Health wise, we both are doing well. May I ask, until you return to Pablo, are your plans are to travel US in the RV or ? Keep in touch Ed

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  3. Steve says:

    Hi Ed and Anne! Our present “plan”: We are working our way towards Sacramento and will be there next week. While there will be helping our daughter to settle in to her new living and working situation. At the end of that it wil probably be too close to the superhotweather/hurricane season to return to La Paz, so we will travel in the RV. Some options are going north (Mendocino area) or maybe south (northern Baja). We will want to be back at La Paz by the end of October.

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