A weekend of firsts

This weekend was a weekend of firsts for us and “Pablo”

We arrived on Thursday 2/6 under cold and rainy skies. After two trips of trudging our gear and food down to the dock in the rain, we started a fire in our coal burning stove. First #1. Yippy! We were warm and toasty all night. I placed pillows along the hull on the port side of the v-berth to keep the draft down and we slept wonderfully. We had chili for dinner. Our first one pot meal, as we are testing out recipes and cooking styles for the journey ahead. First #2. Yummy, a definite keeper. We decided we could even have it without meat if necessary.


“Pablo Chili”

1lb ground beef, 1 can tri beans, 1 can stewed tomatoes, 1 small can corn, 1/2 onion, 3 tbl spoons fajita mix, 1 package of corn bread. (heat beef, onion, and canned ingredients in skillet and cook corn bread in the oven on top of chili)

On Friday 2/7 Allan and Joe from PMR came around 10am so we could go out for our sea trial under motor. First #3, “Pablo” heads out to sea! The guys from PMR checked her new engine while we cruised out of the harbor and into the open sea. Getting up to about 5 knots, the trip was short but sweet. Dolphins frolicked around “Pablo” at the harbor entrance as if to welcome her back to sea. After getting her back to dock, we got the all clear from the mechanics. Yahoo!

We spent the rest of the day getting the reefing lines and topping lift set on the main sail. We raised the sails at dock and discussed the setting off procedure for our first sail in the morning. We had fajitas for dinner, cooked on the BBQ, First #4. We had not used the grill on the boat before today.

Our first sail!

Our first sail!

Saturday 2/8. The Big Day! Steve and I took “Pablo” out of the harbor and raised her sails. First #5! There was NO, and I mean NO wind. We watched as her sails flopped around, but we were smiling. The experience was extremely educational.

At the end of the weekend our bodies ache, our brains are tired, but we are happy!!

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