Another weekend, more work

From Captan Steve

2/13 Thursday

Just me. Sherri had to stay home and work. I arrived about 3:30. Worked with Kim on the main sail. It was hard to raise last weekend. It seems to be ok. We will work with it more. The whale gusher 25 (I have been working on it at home) is still having issues with the gasket. I will try again tomorrow.

2/14 Friday

re-glued the gasket on the whale gusher. Put a gallon of kerosene into the holding tank on the deck. Caulked the turtle as it seems to have a small leak and rebedded the spinnaker pole bracket. Installed the two new fire extinguishers and clamps. Repaired the broken Nav light on the bow. All this before 11am. Spent the afternoon tracing, labeling and sketching all battery and battery charger wiring.

2/15 Saturday

Installed the new VHF connector to the mast wiring and it works! I won’t win any awards for soldering, but it works.Gusher still having issues. I am sure it is the door gasket. I will bring it home to keep working on it. Big job! Filled the fuel filter that I had to replace when Vince and I put water in the batteries. The filter was in the way so we had to remove it. I did not refill it correctly upon reassembly. Ran the engine and everything works great. Hooked the spinnaker pole back into the bracket I re-bedded yesterday. I still need to figure out the control lines.

Very fulfilling weekend. Lots of accomplishments!

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