diving into the bilge

February 1, 2014

Kim,the master rigger, came by and helped us put the boom back on. He drilled new holes on the mast just above the stripped ones so we could reattach the gooseneck. Boom, sails, and sail covers now back on. “Pablo” is starting to take shape!

We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the bilge and auto pump switch. We brought the shop vac from home and filled the bilge with water and cleaner. Then vacuumed it out. We repeated this process several times. After testing all three pumps (one automatic and two hand pumps) we discovered that the Whale Gusher 25 accessed in the galley needs to be repaired. Bummer! We also discovered that we have repair kits already on board. Yay! So we removed the pump and will take it home to rebuild it.

Fingers crossed, next weekend we will have that sea trial and get this baby out into the open water!

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