Lessons in patience

January 31, 2014

We arrived yesterday under cloudy-windy skies. Got moved in and got ready for our sea trial with Allen from PMR tomorrow morning. He wants to be with us the first time we motor “Pablo” into open water to make sure there are no problems and to make any adjustments on the new motor.I think thats a great idea. It was a windy, windy, windy night, but we slept well in our little home on the water.

Awoke today to winds of 15 knots gusting up to 25 knots. We decided to cancel the sea trial. Bummer! We spent the day working on other projects instead. In our attempt to put the boom back onto the mast we discovered that the threads for the screws attaching the gooseneck are stripped. UGH!!!!No boom today. Oh well. Steve installed the raw water filter that we removed and repaired months ago. Sherri made new fender whips. And we busied ourselves with many other little projects.

We really, really, want to get “Pablo” out sailing. We have owned this boat for five months and we have yet to sail her. We are in a lesson on patience. One that I know will get re-learned again and again.

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