rays, cows, and coyotes oh my…


A hop skip and a jump from La Paz to Puerto Escondido!


Lupe Sierra & Maggi Mae’s

We sailed north from La Paz stopping in 2 of our favorite anchorages on our adventure towards new territory. Two nights in Calita Partida and three nights in the small fishing village of San Everisto where we got to spend time having great conversation and good food with our friend Lupe at Lupe Sierra and Maggie Mae’s Palapa Restaurant.

IMG_4917This trip was not without frustration as we learned during our stay in San Everisto that our outboard motor was broken, kaput, no bueno! Seeing as we just purchased it last September, we were more than a little annoyed. But no worries, we have a spare 3hp that we carry just for these situations. This is how we continued further north without seeking assistance when it was offered in San Everisto. New lesson, when someone offers to help, you take it.

After a lovely visit we set our sails and compass and headed to an anchorage called San Telmo. A lovely little place with no port, town, or village. However there were coyotes, cows, and blue whales. And a scenario we have witnessed all over the Sea of Cortez, rays leaping from the water apparently trying to fly.

Being as we were so remote, it was quite surprising when a woman appeared from apparently nowhere each morning to walk the beach and watch the sunrise. Perhaps she was drawn to there for the same reasons as us, the wonders of nature and the beautiful marine life.

IMG_4862 (1)

Steve and I put the 3 HP on the dinghy and decided to head to shore, only to discover that it too was broken, kaput, no bueno! So we rowed shore. After all, we probably needed the exercise. Once on shore we found few shells, only a beach full of magnificent rocks of every imaginable color, a mummified turtle, tons of bones from various creatures, and the shoreline teaming with beautiful bullseye rays.


After 4 restful nights of absolute peace and serenity we set our sights on a small village 22nm miles north called Aqua Verde. Here we rowed ashore to wander the small town, visit the tienda, and purchase some locally made fresh goat cheese.

We spent five nights in this amazing little bay. Two of the days visiting, dining, snorkeling and playing with our friends Kirk and Heidi from s/v Due West as they were passing through on there way back south. We will definitely be back to spend an extended visit.


From Aqua Verde we moved north to Puerto Escondido where we currently sit on a morning ball. We have gotten some much needed advice on our outboard which we have now named PT for Picasso’s turd. It seems to be running again, which I am certain will be the case until we get back out to some remote location.

Steve and I are visiting Loreto, which has great meaning for me as this is the town I visited a few years ago on my reconnaissance trip through the Sea of Cortez with my friend Holly Scott. This is the place where it became clear to me that YES this is exactly what we should do and where we should go. And we are not disappointed.

From we will travel out to the Islands of Coronado, Carmen, and then back south toward La Paz. Each day is a gift. We be happy sailors!

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14 Responses to rays, cows, and coyotes oh my…

  1. Jeff Brenner says:

    Love the pictures. Your destinations really are beautiful. Sorry about the motor issues.
    Having a great time in Portugal. Been here 2 weeks and have another 2 weeks here and then on to Spain for a week before I head home.

    • Thanks Jeff. It sometimes took great amounts of patience to get those photos. Glad you are enjoying your time in Europe. Both Portugal and Spain are places I would love to see. Love and Hugs to you!

  2. Steve Fox says:

    What a great cruise you are having, kaput outboards and all! There are some beautiful spots north of Loreto if you’re so inclined, Bahia de Los Angeles among them, and San Carlos on the mainland side is worth a visit as well. I am really enjoying the armchair cruising you are providing — thanks again.

    • Hola Steve! We don’t think we will get much further North this year as we need to bring Pablo back to La Paz so we can fly back to Santa Cruz for my Son’s wedding. Perhaps BLA will be on next years itinerary. Thanks for following along. Its folks like you who cheered us on in those early days that helped to get us here.

  3. You guys are having a continuous adventure. It is so awesome. By the way, my favorite new spot in Mexico is the town of Loreto. I think I mentioned before, but I was so taken with it when we were there a year ago. Awesome news – nice to be connected! Enjoy Steve and Sherri. A lifetime of hard work has now morphed into an incredible journey. YOU DESERVE IT!

  4. Perhaps we can meet in Loreto next year when we pass through this way again!

  5. SuZQ says:

    Hi you two! I’m sure glad your brains work as one, with the make shift things you end up having to do!! Love the photos, such gorgeous color and scenery. I heard that male Rays show off for the ladies, whomever impresses the most gets the gal. So they fly out of the water in elaborate display, only you are seeing it live!! In person and not on some YouTube passed along via Facebook. How fantastic! Hoot hoot!

    • Hi Sue! Steve’s theory is that the rays underwater see the birds in the air and think they are just rays who have figured out how to fly, so they keep trying themselves. I like your explanation better. Romance is much sweeter than evolution. Either way, its a bit like living in a national geographic documentary. Love, Hugs, and Blessings to you and yours!

      • SuZQ says:

        Or, here’s another idea, perhaps it’s fun. Like dolphins in the waves, maybe they just like doing it because they can; I know I would.

  6. I think perhaps you are correct Sue. They do it because they can! Im glad I get to watch. It is truly amazing. Makes me laugh every time!

  7. Drew Bielawski says:

    Hi Steve and Sherri. Thanks for the update and enjoy your great pics. Particularly loved the one of Steve staring at the motor. Been there…no matter how long or how hard I stare at it, it just will not run!

    • Perhaps starring at the motor does work, either that or the threat of talking to a mechanic. She has been running smoothly since our arrival into Puerto Escondido. A wee bit maddening! We have had a few theories floated our way (bad oil pressure sensor or valve adjustment) and now have a few things to try if/when it acts up again.

  8. Susan Hall says:

    Sherri & Steve, I love reading your blog and feeling a part of your adventures! You always make me laugh! Susan

  9. Susan, you and Mark are a big part of our adventure. Those first days were just as magical as the days we experience now. We hope to see you again soon. Our love to both of you!

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