Welcome to Bahia de Banderas!


We sailed down the west coast of Mexico from Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta, carried by a soft 5-10kt breeze and gentle seas. The nights were warm and starry with the occasional blaze of a shooting star. We were visited by two Humpback Whales which I suspect saw our Santa Cruz homeport and just wanted to see if they recognized us from Monterey Bay. The sky was full of Blue Footed Boobies, Brown Footed Boobies and Magnificent Frigate birds. Sometimes it appeared that they might land on the boat for a visit as they would circle us looking with a discerning eye at our mast. Forty four hours later we arrived in Bahia de Banderas to an escort of dolphins just as the sun was rising over the mountains. Ahh, this is it! The sailing experience we have been craving.DSCF1558

Pablo is docked at Paradise Village Marina (not Paradise Cove Mariana as stated in my previous post). The resort is lovely, although a bit like Disneyland. Swimming pools with dragon and alligator slides, cocktails served beachside, and a zoo of sorts on site. The last few days have been spent getting acquainted with the local laundry and tienda, figuring which shower is our favorite and getting a general lay of the land. Of coarse we did manage an afternoon at the pool, I mean hey who could resist a little luxurious RnR.


In a few short weeks we will head to Santa Cruz to visit family and friends. Since our blood has surely thinned as we have gotten acclimated to the balmy temperatures they will have to listen to us whine about the freezing weather. Cold weather withstanding, being home for a bit will feel so good. I miss everyone terribly and I really need a GOOD bacon cheeseburger!

As a side note, there were many who asked how we would get along being on a small boat together twenty-four-seven. I can report that while there have been moments when each of us wished we could trail the dinghy far behind us as a doghouse, we are doing great. We are still friends, we still love each others company, and the flame of romance is still burning on s/v Pablo.

IMG_0831                                               Still loving this crazy adventurous life!

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8 Responses to Welcome to Bahia de Banderas!

  1. Jeff Brenner says:

    Happy to hear you are enjoying PV and the sail from Mazatlan was a good one.
    Will you please have your GPS satellite thing repaired when you get back to Santa Cruz?
    I really would like my false sense of security returned.

  2. Ahhhhh…….Glad you made it and the lat leg was sweet! Hope to connect with you when you are here. I have a gift for you two. Keep us posted. As always, loving your blogs and creative writing.

  3. SuZQ says:

    You’re a good travel writer Sherri, love the dog house idea. Hilarious. Glad you made it to your port! I would love to see the whales, oof… all time favorites of the sea, what a blessing.

  4. I love ’em too. Such an amazing creature, so big and yet so graceful! Yes, Yes I feel blessed beyond measure.

  5. k. says:

    New flannel sheets for the guest room. Cord of wood for the fireplace. Hope you know which box is storage holds your sweaters.

  6. I hope we saved some! I am afraid we will be muy frio! The whining has already begun.

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