Relaxing in Mazatlan


Our escort into Mazatlan.

We arrived in Mazatlan ten days ago, two exhausted sailors caked in about ¼ inch of salt. The passing from San Jose del Cabo across the Sea of Cortez was a rough ride with a the first day giving us 8-12 foot seas on the port beam. We had about 18 hours of waves crashing over the port side, sending spray over the whole boat. A minute later the boat would rock to starboard, picking up several buckets worth of water which rushed down into the cockpit, swirling around us like a whirlpool. By day two the seas had calmed a bit but salt was overing every inch of us so we could not get dry. So we sailed the rest of the second day in extreme discomfort. Our skin actually hurt from the salt. After 41 hours we were grateful to see the skyline of Mazatlan on the horizon!

DSCF1420We headed into the Estero Sabalo and took a slip in the El Cid Marina. An old cruising haunt that has been a place of refuge and relaxation for many. El Cid is a resort with swimming pools, restaurants, bars, and a whole host of daily activities put together by a friendly staff. They have a small Marina which has about 40 slips and as a Marina guest we were able to take advantage of the many delights of the resort. What a special treat that was!

DSCF1440Upon arrival it was our intention to stay for a couple of days, get ourselves recovered and rested from the passage and then keep moving southward. However, we had a hurricane by the name of Sandra heading our way. There were a few days of nervous tension on the docks and in the resort as everyone prepared and then Sandra petered out and became little more than a few days of so-so weather. Meanwhile, Steve and I got quite settled into the resort lifestyle. Bus rides to old town, dinghy rides to photograph birds in the estuary, sampling various restaurants, meeting new people and of DSCF1449course lounging by the pool. Life here was so easy going and laid back. There were many on the docks that had made this their winter home, having already done the cruising circuit. Some for only a few years, and others like our neighbors Bub and Fay (in their 90’s). They had cruised for 20 years and were now just happy to use their boat as a winter home in paradise. We DSCF1458needed to go and get some cruising miles under our keel. Although we think we will definitely return. Everything about the place is wonderful, the people, the food, the price, the weather, the birds, the fish, the town…. But there is so much more we want to see. So today we leave and start heading further south.DSCF1477

Unfortunately, Sandra and the weather that followed her has us way off schedule for our arrival in Puerto Vallarta. We had planned on spending a few slow weeks visiting various remote locations along the way to Paradise Cove Marine, which is were we will leave Pablo for our visit back to California. However, the Marina has informed me that they cannot hold our reservation for more than a few days. So we will race down the coast, doing a 44 hour passage straight to Paradise Cove. So off we go again!

Looking forward to another passage full of stars, dolphins, flying fish, full sails and calm seas.

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8 Responses to Relaxing in Mazatlan

  1. Ed mora says:

    Hi Steve/Sherri,
    Certainly sounds like this trip is everything the two of you have hoped for. Other than this late season weather it sure sounds like weather has been favorable. Hope to see the both of you when back in Santa Cruz. Travel safe.

  2. Nicely written, Sherri! What a fabulous adventure!! Just a thought – I notice you post “uncategorized.” Your blog is so nicely written and depicts an adventure a lot of people would enjoy, and perhaps live vicariously through. You might consider categorizing under Sailing, Sea Adventure, or simply Travel. I’m sure people you don’t even know would enjoy your blog! Sail on.

    • Thanks so much for the input CaroleJean. I have a friend (Popnik) who has offered the same suggestion. Sometimes its just enough to get the story down. I’m glad your enjoying our adventure. We certainly are!

  3. Jeff Brenner says:

    Loved reading about your adventure to Mazatlan.
    I stayed at the El Cid Resort for a week with a friend many years ago. I loved it too.
    Miss you guys.

  4. says:

    We love getting your posts and pictures. It sure brings back memories of our trip in Mexico so many years ago. We experienced many of the same things that you have, including the rough weather. But I don’t remember being covered with salt!!! However, it is good for the skin.

    Take care and enjoy, Ken and Kay

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