The gusher works!

March 6, 2014

Spent the day working on many projects. Steve installed the re-built, and re-built again (yes, he did it twice) Whale Gusher 25 into the boat. It works perfectly! Hooray! Steve was also rather brilliant as he figured out how to get the kerosene hose working to fill our lanterns. You see, we have this great 10gal kerosene tank built into the turtle on the deck with a hose running into the cabin that lets you get kerosene without leaving the cabin. We haven’t been able to get it to work until now.

Steve also replaced the bow and stern running lights with LED bulbs. Kim, the master rigger, came and helped with the masthead running lights. He actually climbed the mast in gusting 20-25 knot winds! Everything is working great. We now have all running lights.

I scrubbed the deck and tried to replace the pelican hooks on the lifeline gate. No bueno! The new hooks are too big. Bummer because to old ones bite me every time I operate them. I need to do something about the dodger. I tried special glue, but it is not holding. Applied some gorilla tape to one section. We will see how it holds.With any luck I will be finishing my fine taping job tomorrow.

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