Up the mast!


September 2013

Steve went up the mast! I have to say that this is probably one of the most nerve wracking things I have done with Steve or “Pablo”. And I was on the dock.

We had to see what was happening with the sheaves because we were having such a hard time hoisting the main sail. So Steve, the brave, put on his bosun’s chair and with the use of a halyard and a wench I helped hoist him up. Yay for mast steps because with them he was able to hold most of his own weight.

Once up top he greased the sheaves, but they still didn’t move. When the mast comes off for painting we will have the sheaves worked on as well.

Once he was back on deck there were shots of tequila to quiet the nerves. Both his and mine. Hope we never have to do that in a blow.

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