We bought a boat!

August 23, 2013

Steve drove down to meet with the inspector alone. Which made me sad, but really, what was I going to do anyway? Watch? It was best that I stay put and get work done. Ha! I clutched my cell phone all day waiting for some bit of news. Meanwhile Steve was crawling all over “Pablo”, looking into the bilge, pulling the anchor chain out of her lockers, tapping her hull with a hammer. The inspector gave her the all clear stating that they don’t make boats like this anymore.Whew! Now all that was left was the sea trial. Steve and Paul took “Pablo” out to sea and Steve was in love. I could feel his excitement through the phone when he called me later to say the deal was done. We were now the proud owners of “Pablo”, our Westsail 32 that was going to take us to wonderful places to meet wonderful people. Our dreams just got a whole lot closer to becoming reality.

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