The big plan

When Steve and I first started dreaming this crazy dream we would refer to the stories of other sailors. We would read about regular people going to exotic places and doing extraordinary things. One of the places where we got most inspired was in the pages of latitude 38. The tales of regular folks, like us, jumping off from San Diego and joining the fleet to do the “Baja Ha Ha” was most intriguing. So that is the first step in the “Big Plan”, that is where our journey will begin.

Now, I guess the journey really began the moment we decided to look at a boat, or one could even say it began the moment we started dreaming of a boat and a voyage. Every step is part of the journey. Through all of our trials and hard work we are gaining the necessary skills to take us where we wish to go. And so, I suppose the big plan is already in motion.

So, what is the big plan? Well, “Pablo” is currently docked at Vintage marina in Channel Islands harbor. The first step is to get her moved north to Santa Cruz, Ca. I know it sounds odd to move her north, just to take her south, but that is a necessity. “Pablo” needs a bit of work to get her ready for the years that we plan on sailing her. Having her in our back yard (so to speak) will make that work much easier for us, our family, our friends, and our jobs.

If everything goes as planned (ha! another lesson we are about to learn I am afraid) we are going to be leaving Santa Cruz on October 7, 2014 to join the 2014, revise that, September 26 2015 to join the 2015 “Baja Ha Ha”. We will spend the months of October, November and part of December cruising the California and Mexican coast, and spending some time in the Sea of Cortez.  We will leave the boat in Mexico and fly home for the Christmas holidays, hopefully returning to Mexico sometime in January to further explore.

Things from there get a little fuzzy. We want to sail further south into Costa Rica, Guatemala, and the Galapagos Islands. We also have hopes of one day sailing across the Pacific to the Marquesas Islands, Cook Islands, and on. But only time will tell how the “Big Plan” will flush out.

For now we are happy to just live out this part of our journey. One can never achieve what one cannot imagine. And Steve and I spend hours dreaming of all the places we would like to see. We share our hope, our fear, our desire, and our dream. Together we ride the currents of our “Big Plan”.

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