Views of Calita Partida

We shot some video while while exploring Isla Espiritu in the Sea of Cortez



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4 Responses to Views of Calita Partida

  1. Evelyn Drew says:

    Your video of the cave and the green water and the view through the arch is really fabulous! I could see a series of paintings from it!! Gorgeous! Your framing and composition is very artistic! Evelyn
    PS I heard that you met our friends Char and Bill while cruising. Trite but true, it’s a small world.

  2. Thank you Evelyn. You flatter me too much. I will be in Santa Cruz from 5/25-6/5. Maybe we can meet at SCYC for diner one Friday. It would be great to see you.

  3. Susan Hall says:

    It’s fun to see the video. Almost like being there with you!

  4. Oh Susan, You would love it! We have had the most meaningful and wonderful experiences.

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