Ready, Set, Go!

IMG_0297Ready, excited and prepared, we leave this am for Mexico.

You can leave messages on the “Where’s Pablo” map found on the menu bar. We should be able to receive them through satellite.

I’ll post pictures once we are back to civilization.


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3 Responses to Ready, Set, Go!

  1. Steve Goodman says:


    Steve Goodman 831-251-9513


  2. says:

    Hi, Steve and Sherri, Hope all is fine with you. We’ve been following your course on Where’s Pablo, and the last position for you was at 5:22 p.m. 10/26. Then it just stopped. Hope you’re okay and that it’s just a blip with the transmission. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Our best to you, Ken and Kay

    • Hello from Cabo San Lucas! Sorry we worried you. Wouldn’t you know it, that damn device died shortly after crossing the border.We had a wild ride down the Baja coast and now have stories of our own to tell. We are great and Pablo held up beautifully. All our love to our Moss Landing friends.

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