Making our way south with a little help from our friends

I would love to post pictures of beautiful sea creatures, fabulous sunsets, and lazy days spent riding the wind. However, I cannot. And I won’t bother posting the pictures of our newly installed chart plotter/depth finder, our newly wired flexible solar panel, or the wiring Steve completed for our secondary auto pilot. Additionally I will not bore you with pictures of our new running rigging, newly sewn covers for our jerry cans, or the new fans we have acquired to help with the heat.

Steve and I have, as you may have guessed, have been extremely busy while in the Alamitos Marina near Long Beach. We have spent our days working and our evenings visiting. We are eternally grateful for all the assistance we have received from our friend Holly. She has loaned us a car, let us use her tools, and shared her wealth of knowledge and experience. The only way to repay her kindness and generosity is for us to pay it forward.

Today we continue our journey down the coast. Next stop is Dana Point. More visiting with friends. Hopefully some sailing and relaxing and then we will be headed to San Diego.

Almost to the border!

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9 Responses to Making our way south with a little help from our friends

  1. skippercami says:

    Good to hear!! Is that holly from the sailing group? That is very sweet of her!! Glad you are doing well an I expect pics next time lol 😉 fair winds my friends!!

    • Yes Cami it is the same Holly. I met her on one of her sailing trips in the Sea of Cortez and we became friends. If you ever have an opportunity to take one of her trips, jump on it. Lots of love. I owe you a picture 😉

  2. Jeff Brenner says:

    Sorry I couldn’t get down to Long Beach while you were there.
    Safe travels to Dana Point.

  3. Ed mora says:

    Sure sounds like the both of you have been kept busy prepping the boat for the trip down sound. Hopefully, that to-do list is getting really short and you can enjoy the trip to SD. Be safe…

  4. Thanks Ed. That list is going to kill me. I am ready for some balance in this whole work/sail life we have chosen for ourselves.

  5. k. says:

    When exactly does the relaxing part of this adventure begin? But how cool to have a place and people to help you make it come together. Post the boring pictures anyway. Miss you bunches. FWyAFS

  6. Rafael says:

    Aye mates Sounds glorious! Safe sail to SD. See you there soon.

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