Almost time……

IMG_0059Time is passing quickly and the projects continue to be checked off the list. Pablo now has
new solar panels, a refrigeration system, 200 feet of new anchor chain, a mighty new electric windlass, the life raft installed, the Med kits assembled and Picaso (the dinghy) has 8 horses to carry us through the surf. The sun shade is almost complete, the batteries are coming this week, and the motor hoist will be installed shortly. The paperwork for our entry into Mexico is complete, insurance forms are finished, important papers have been completed and our personal affairs are all in order.
IMG_0046 IMG_0051 IMG_0050 IMG_0019 IMG_0047

More importantly, in the midst of all the frenzy and moments of chaos we have found time to sail with loved ones and spend precious moments with friends and family. Those are the moments when the reality of our departure become most most tangible.


The list is getting shorter……we have begun to watch the weather forecasts more closely and the winds look to be in our favor. I am afraid to predict a departure date, but it is coming soon, very soon.

I have to remind myself to breath……….

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