The day of 1000 dolphins

Steve and I were out sailing with our friend Ralph. I suppose I should not use the word sailing as there was zero wind and we were pretty much bobbing around in beautiful, flat, calm waters enjoying the sunshine. Off in the distance I could see a wind line moving toward us, so Steve decided to start the motor and bring us into the wind so that we could get that rush we were so desperate to feel. As we approached, I realized that the leading edge of the wind line was boiling! Holly crap! What is that?!?

From one end of our horizon to the other there was what appeared to be a boiling sea heading straight at us. Sounds silly and maybe I have seen too many movies, but thoughts of the Kraken came to my mind. As we watched in absolute fascination we realized it was a HUGE pod of dolphins slowly making their way across the bay. The dolphins moved through us and then turned and came back past us three times.

We never did find the wind that day, but we were moved by the beauty of the sea just the same.

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4 Responses to The day of 1000 dolphins

  1. Diane says:

    What a neat experience! I haven’t seen Dolphins up close, I can hardly wait to see what you guys experienced. So excited for your departure date too!

  2. Seeing dolphins never stops giving me a thrill. Just wait, There is nothing that quite compares. It was incredible Diane! There is such an abundance of sea life here in Monterey. I believe we will miss it when we leave.

  3. Tommy says:

    Wow that was fantastic !I’m sure you guys are in for some great adventures.

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