King Neptune has granted us passage!

exiting the harbor

Hip, Hip Hooray! The long awaited day has finally arrived! Steve and crew; Randy Sparks, Graham Wright, and Don Radcliffe left this morning at 6am from Santa Cruz to drive down to Channel Islands Harbor. The plan (there’s that word again) is to leave the dock at 4pm. This will get them around Point Conception around 4am when the winds are predicted to be the lightest. The forecast for the following days looks good for the long passage past the Big Sir coastline. I just talked to Steve on the phone and he tells me everything seems in order and they are on schedule. I am not sure how much communication we will have over the next couple of days, so I will be sitting on pins and needles waiting for word from them.

They should arrive in Moss Landing on Wednesday sometime, possibly Thursday.

Praying for fair winds and an easy passage.

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