Another day of work while we wait

Well if we can’t bring “Pablo” to us, we will just have to go to her.

Another scheduled move date has been cancelled due to high winds. It had been three weeks since we last stepped foot onto “Pablo’s” deck and we were anxious to spend some time aboard. So we left on Thursday 4/24/14 and did our usual trek down Hwy 101 to Vintage Marina. We planned to take “Pablo” out for a sail and do some small projects over the weekend. Key word: Planned. The winds were too high even in the harbor so no sailing. However, we did get a few things done.

A few weeks ago I got a great price on dock lines from West Marine (crazy that they would have good pricing on anything, I know). I purchased 1/2″ dock lines at 40% off! I scored four new lines for less than $80.00. I wanted to put some new chafe guards on but was not liking any of the options I found until I saw a product from SEADOG. These seemed to fit in better with “Pablo’s” old salty dog look. I am quite happy with the results.

seadog linechafe guard 3chafe guard chafe guard 2

Steve did some other small projects and we spent a few windy but wonderful days aboard.

She feels more like home all the time.

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