Change in the “Big Plan”

I think they are called plans and not guarantees for a reason. We planned to leave in October of this year. However, it does not look like that is going to fit very well with our other responsibilities. We knew from the beginning that we were pushing things a bit, but still we made our plans. There never was any guarantee that all the pieces would fall into place as we had hoped.

It is not uncommon for me to but my head against reality and try to force the outcome I want. This time it is just giving me a headache and I am afraid the consequences of pushing our departure date too soon will have lasting negative effects. So I have acquiesced to the calendar which dictates the seasons of our lives.

After processing this new reality I have come to see some of the positives of leaving in 17 months vs. 5. We will have more time to get to know “Pablo”. More time to practice, take more classes, and get our home life in better order. More time with family and friends. All seems as it should be which relieves my headache.

Embracing the change!

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